quick and skilled Overhaul and repair of engine Parts

MRC Engine Parts is a machine works and repair shop with extensive knowledge. Ever since
MRC’s founding in 1936, the combination of modern equipment, skilled craftsmen and an effective approach has built a strong name regarding quality products and excellent service. The origin of MRC lies in engine overhaul, particularly in the processing of engine components, such as the crankshaft grinding for large diesel, gas engines and compressors. Those parts represent a substantial amount of our work, in which MRC is capable of conducting mechanical revisions for all kinds of parts of rotating equipment, especially parts for propulsion systems. The high level of accuracy, expertise and pride assures first class quality of the work, ready to serve for a competitive lifetime.

Engine Parts Overhaul and Repair

MRC has over 70 years of experience in engine overhaul – in altering parts of large diesel and gas engines. MRC can perform mechanical overhauls for all kinds of engines and cylinder heads, and can perform the following operations in-house: line drilling of blocks, grinding of crankshafts, reconditioning of piston rods, and flattening of cylinder heads and blocks.
MRC is proud of its sophisticated repair approach. The aim is always to maintain components as much as possible by altering them, which saves the client in costs and time.

Plain Bearings

MRC provides single pieces and small series of plain bearings for the service and repair market. Just like
gears, plain bearings can be reverse-engineered and manufactured in-house. Using careful measurements, even complex profiles can be produced. MRC can deliver in a (short) time regarding bearings.


New Build Engine Forgings

MRC Engine Parts is capable of performing the complete machining of the forging of a Diesel-, or Gas Engine. The forging will be free issue delivered to our workshop and in a competitive time; MRC machines all faces and lines of the forging on one and the same machine. Upon completion, a QC and measurement protocol will be conducted prior to delivering the completed engine block to the customer thereby enabling them to assemble the engine.

MRC Engine Parts has been around for a while. Founded more than 75 years ago, we have a strong commitment to deliver quality through craftmanship. Our machinepark is up-to-date and is operated by true ironworkers that put pride in their work. This policy has made MRC a solid name in the Rotterdam harbour.